We set out to to create hard wearing, naturally aging men’s accessories for the modern gentleman. Design and function are naturally at the core of all that we lay our hands on and comes first and foremost without commercial compromises.



Hammer & Needle is accredited and licensed to display the Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on its Australian–made products.

With nearly 20years in design and manufacturing technology across several industries in Australia and Asia, I now approach what we make at H&N from the ground up. With a clear knowledge of the materials, processes and partners we engage with at all levels.


I recently set out and commit to a lifestyle change of moving to Country Victoria and expanding on many of the principals I admire and try to see if I can adopt them full-time. I just want to Live Well, which to me is a mix of many things including making some sacrifices in order to be rewarded other freedoms; Living Slowly but occasionally still getting my hustle on; working on personal passions and also having to do some work for the money.

So the new vision of Hammer & Needle is to encompass as many of these things as possible and share the stories and discoveries of the new life I am creating along with the products I make.

The Man Behind The brand

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